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SIRT 6 Activator

Among the various proteins involved in DNA repair, Sirtuin 6 stands out as a key player.


Sirtuin 6, a member of the Sirtuin family of proteins, has garnered significant interest due to its diverse roles in cellular processes, including DNA repair.


Research has shown that Sirtuin 6 plays a crucial role in repairing DNA damage, particularly double-strand breaks, which are considered one of the most severe forms of DNA damage.

SIRT6 From the sea.jpeg

Our answer to ensuring Sirtuin 6 is activated effectively is SIRT6 Activator®.

SIRT6 Activator® is a specially curated, all-natural product, derived from seaweed.

It is the first and only of its kind in the world.

Activating Sirtuin 6 promotes DNA repair, protects telomeres, supports genomic stability and reduces inflammation.

SIRT6 Activator® is clinically proven to help you live healthier, for longer.

Biological Age Test Kit

Set your benchmark?

Track your progress?

Have confidence knowing the changes you are making in your lifestyle or

the supplements you are taking are truly making a difference.

Introducing our simple three step Biological Age Test Kit!


Step 1

Activate Your Test Kit

Once you receive your at-home DNA biological Test, be sure to register your kit online.

Step 2

Mail your Sample to USA

Complete the easy-to-follow instructions provided in your kit to collect your saliva all from the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Step 3

Get Your Results

Your results will be uploaded to our platform within two to three weeks after your sample is received. Log into your account to view your plan and progress.

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