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SIRT6 Activator

Sirtuin 6, also called the “Longevity Sirtuin”

Sirtuin 6, also called the “Longevity Sirtuin”.

SIRT6 enhances DNA double-strand break repair under oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can damage all components of the cell, including DNA. SIRT6 is the only sirtuin that can bind NAD+ without first having to bind an acylated substrate. SIRT6 recruits PARP1 to facilitate DNA repair and is also instrumental in energy creation as it increases the efficiency of ATP production. SIRT6 has been shown to be closely related to a number of metabolic pathways and genome maintenance, as well as telomere stability.

SIRT6 is neuroprotective, and patients with Alzheimer’s disease have low levels of SIRT6. Activating SIRT6 may provide broad tumour suppressant and health-promoting benefits.

SIRT6Activator® is a seaweed compound especially tested to confirm SIRT6 activation properties, similar to what is seen in centenarians. Seaweed compounds can also have:

  • Anti-oxidant effects.

  • Anti-tumour effects.

  • Anti-coagulant effects.

  • Anti-thrombotic effects.

  • Immunoregulatory effects.

  • Anti-viral effects.

  • Anti-inflammatory effects.

Recently they were shown to give a better immune response after a vaccine.

SIRT6Activator® is a complex polysaccharide derived from seaweed. Laboratory studies suggest that it can prevent the growth of cancer cells and has antiviral, neuroprotective, and immune-modulating effects.

Sirtuin 6, or SIRT6, is a longevity gene. Increased levels of SIRT6 extend lifespan in mammals. Furthermore, long-lived animal species have more active SIRT6. Remarkably, countries with the highest consumption of seaweed, Japan and South Korea, have the longest life expectancies. These ingredients were shown to have multiple health benefits, consistent with pro-longevity function. They improved immune response to the flu vaccine in the elderly, reduced inflammation, and improved the survival of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. There are many varieties of seaweed available on the market, and the end product they produce differs in their chemical formulas. Importantly, SIRT6Activator® has been verified to activate SIRT6.

Boosting NAD+ levels is another strategy to increase the activity of Sirtuins. However, of all sirtuins, Sirtuin 6 is the least sensitive to NAD+ concentration. Therefore, to activate Sirtuin 6, it is important to use supplements that activate this enzyme directly.

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