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What is the definition of ageing?


Accumulation of damage, waste and cellular errors.

Loss of information.

There are many definitions of ageing.

A popular way to discuss ageing is by talking about hallmarks.

These are commonly agreed to as:

Genomic instability

Epigenetic alterations

Telomere shortening

Loss of proteostasis

Mitochondrial dysfunction

Deregulated nutrient sensing

Altered intracellular communication

Stem cell exhaustion

Cellular senescence

How to fix it?


(the science of old age)

The geroscience hypothesis says that since ageing plays a major role in all chronic diseases, treating ageing directly will prevent the onset of many diseases.

Many scientists around the world, are working on this everyday.

We believe it to be the single most important thing our generation can do.

Let's say goodbye to cancer, heart disease and dementia.

The future is healthy.

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