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Youngering Virtual Summit

22 Jan 2023

30th January 2023

Today I'm really excited to inform you all of the free Youngering Summit happening soon!


To cut a long story short, last year Wendy Vermeulen from Tauranga came across our web site and reached out to us. We had many conversations and the passion we shared in enriching and improving the lives of our customers was electric. Wendy is a wonderful person with a drive to educate and seek like minded individuals looking to grow and improve the quality of their lives and those around them.


When she asked if Age Reversal would contribute to her Youngering Summit, we were surprised. Our business hasn't been around that long and the other speakers were leaders in their respective fields, but Wendy can be very persuasive. 


We are all aware that the aging process is very complicated and to live a long and healthy life we need to have more that one approach. The summit has a great list of experienced speakers that will cover a range of great topics including:

  • Improving Sleep Quality

  • Fasting

  • Resistance Training

  • Improved Nutrition

  • Shifting your mindset


Click here to register your inteerest in attending - Click Here

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