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Who received $50,000 recently?

6 Dec 2022

Well, it is all thanks to your support...

As you will know by now, our supplier DoNotAge is a health research organisation.

This means they conduct, fund and support research around the globe.

This research is focused on longevity, which is intrinsically linked to ageing.

We have all seen the suffering ageing can bring.



Heart disease.

Sometimes, however, it is easy to forget those that haven't even had the chance to age.

Recently DNA donated $50,000 to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami (US).

This hospital helps hundreds of thousands of children each and every year.

Some of them recover and have constant support.

Others have to live with debilitating diseases, but can do so with more comfort with the help of Nicklaus Children's Hospital.

Some, unfortunately, have no chance of making it, so their final days are made as fun and comfortable as possible at the hospital.


Without your contribution this great work DNA do would not be possible.

From all of us at Age Reversal - thank you.

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