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Should men take Collagen?

25 Oct 2022

Collagen - The building block  

Over time your most abundant protein degrades.

The big change is during your 20's. Collagen is like the cement that sticks cells together. When this cement degrades, chaos ensues.

Due to it's wrinkle combatting abilities, collagen is taken mostly by women. Overwhelmingly so, infact. Implementing collagen into your daily routine can help with muscle recovery, strength and promote healthy joints.  

So, should men take collagen?  

Gentlemen, ask yourselves, does this sound like something you want? 

☑ Promotes gut health

☑  Supports joint health and reduce joint pain  

☑  Strengthens hair, skin, nails and teeth

☑ Protects muscles

☑  Boosts muscle recovery

☑  Increases energy levels and mood

☑  Protects the heart

☑  Improves metabolism    

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