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NMN or NR?

28 Aug 2023

Which is better at repairing damaged cells?

NMN & NR Study

Another study to help you boost your NAD+ 

A question we often receive is which is better, NMN or NR?  

The key is to raising NAD+, and both NMN and NR do that very well.

NMN is still more popular, but NR is a lower cost. The choice is yours. 

But now we have a preprint study (this means a study that has been completed,but isn't peer reviewed yet) comparing NMN and NR. In simple terms, this study investigated the effects of

NMN and NR on protecting your cells from damage. 

Previous research had shown that both NMN and NR can protect cells from damage,but it was not clear if one of these compounds was more effective than the other. 

To study this, the researchers used HeLa cells, a type of human cell often used in scientific studies.They treated these cells with something called cisplatin to induce damage,and then they added NMN or NR to see how well these compounds could protect the cells from the damage. The results showed that both NMN and NR were effective in rescuing the cells from dying in a dose-dependent manner,meaning higher doses provided better protection. 

However, the researchers found that NR was more effective than NMNin providing protection when given before cisplatin treatment. Interestingly, when NMN and NR were added after the damage,they both still helped to protect the cells. 

The study also shows that both NMN and NR were able to reverse the decrease of NAD+and the production of harmful reactive oxygen species (ROS) caused by cell damage.NAD+ is important for cellular energy and DNA repair processes, as you hopefully know by now.

In conclusion, the study suggests that NR is more effective than NMNin maintaining the integrity of cells that are damaged. These findings have implications for potential therapiesthat aim to reduce cell damage and keep you healthy.

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