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NMN discussed on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

4 Oct 2023

David Sinclair discusses NAD and NMN on Joe Rogan’s Podcast


Over the course of his 14-year tenure as a podcast host, Joe Rogan has welcomed numerous esteemed doctors and medical experts to his show, some of whom specialise in the intriguing realm of longevity.

In recent years, Rogan has delved into thought-provoking discussions centred around anti-ageing, with a particular focus on topics like NAD+, NMN, and NR. Medical professionals who have made appearances include luminaries such as Dr. David Sinclair, a distinguished biologist and scholar renowned for his ground-breaking work on ageing and epigenetics. As a thought leader in the field of anti-ageing, Sinclair’s insights are particularly illuminating. Furthermore, Rogan has engaged in enlightening conversations about NMN with guests such as Dr. Rhonda Patrick, a distinguished neuroscientist and ageing specialist. In this blog, we aim to dissect the invaluable insights shared by these experts during their conversations with Rogan, shedding light on the world of NAD+ and NMN, while whilst also exploring Joe Rogan’s own perspectives on NMN.

David Sinclair Discussed NAD and NMN on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

During a riveting conversation with Joe Rogan, Dr. David Sinclair mentioned that NAD+ levels take a nose–dive as we age, and this decline could be the ticking time bomb behind the ageing process itself. Sinclair emphasised that NAD+ isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s the very essence of cellular vitality. Without it, we’re on a one-way trip to the inevitable.Sinclair also mentioned that you can’t take NAD+ pills and call it a day, as these molecules don’t easily penetrate our cells. Fear not, though, because there are two electrifying paths to supercharge your NAD+ levels: NR and NMN supplements. These extraordinary compounds hold the keys to rejuvenation.

What Does NAD+ Do?

As well as reducing ageing people mention that when taking NMN supplements, they feel more energised. Dr. David Sinclair mentions that this is due to NAD+ (which you get from NMN supplementation) boosting mitochondrial activity which increases ATP in your body. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is an organic compound that provides energy to drive and support many processes in living cells. Dr. Rhonda Patrick says that NAD is similar to ATP, and is used as an energetic currency throughout the body to be used for various things. She says it’s required for your metabolism. You need to metabolise fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids.

How to Extend Life Span by an Average of 14 Years?

On David Sinclair’s Joe Rogan podcast, he also discussed blue zones and mentioned that by studying blue zones, there are a few things he has learnt to extend life by 14 years on average aside from taking NMN. The first way is by exercising daily. Sinclair mentions an hour of exercise per day can have significant positive effects on your health. As well as this, Dr. David Sinclair is an advocate of eating the right foods and the right amounts of these foods. Sinclair believes this to an extreme extent. In fact Sinclair only has 1 meal per day. He told Rogan that this meal consists of 2000 calories. He has this meal at 6PM and then fasts for 24 hours.

Rogan asked why this is better than many small meals, and in response Sinclair mentioned that our body is designed to respond to adversity to fight diseases. Adding further, Sinclair says that you don’t need to have breakfast to think clearly. Additionally, by eating the amount needed to survive, Sinclair states that you activate the longevity gene which helps the body fight ageing and diseases. Sinclair says that if you eat numerous small meals instead, your body thinks you’ve killed and eaten a mammoth, so it’s less essential so you don’t need to fight for survival.

He also states that people who fast have as good, if not better, mental recollection than those who don’t.

Interestingly, Sinclair says that if you take NMN it speeds up metabolism. He gave mice old NMN for 3 weeks, put them on a treadmill before and after the 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks the mice that had NMN in their water ran 50% further with better blood flow, better oxygenation and better energy – Sinclair told Rogan that it’s basically exercise in a pill! As well, NMN has been found to increase cognitive functionality, and is why David Sinclair thinks he is smarter than he used to be.

What’s the Difference Between NMN and NAD+ IV Drips?

Joe Rogan stated he used to take injectable NAD IVs when living in California which led to him asking David Sinclair what the differences between NMN and NAD+ IV drips are. Sinclair believes the only difference is the delivery route. He states they work the same way with the same effects.

You would need to have a drip every day to keep NAD levels high. That is extremely expensive. Daily supplementation with an NAD booster increases your NAD levels and maintains them in a much more cost effective way.

What is Joe Rogan Doing to Reduce Ageing?

As well as taking NMN, Joe Rogan is also doing partaking in hyperbaric chamber sessions. Hyperbaric chamber sessions involve the exposure of an individual to increased atmospheric pressure while inside a sealed chamber. This higher pressure allows the person to breathe in pure oxygen, which is delivered at greater concentrations than normal atmospheric levels. This therapy is used to promote healing and provide various health benefits. It can enhance oxygen delivery to tissues, reduce inflammation, speed up recovery from certain injuries, and assist in the treatment of conditions like non-healing wounds, decompression sickness, and some neurological disorders. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is believed to improve tissue repair, stimulate the formation of new blood vessels, and support the body’s natural healing processes.


In conclusion, David Sinclair says that ageing is a disease but it’s treatable. By following the steps Sinclair discussed to prevent ageing naturally, such as eating the right amounts at the right times and by raising NAD levels using NMN supplements, you can live, on average, an extra 14 years. Since Rogan has had these anti-ageing doctors on his podcast, he has now started taking NMN himself as well as eating and exercising properly.

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