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New study links heart failure and NAD+

19 Feb 2023

New Science Paper Released this week.

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A few days ago, a new paper was published in Nature Cardiovascular Research.

The paper gives us further proof that healthy NAD levels are vital for heart health.

It discusses dilated cardiac myopathy (DCM), epigenetic dysregulation, NAD+, and the epigenetic regulatory molecule Kdm8.

DCM is the leading cause of heart transplants.

The cells in the heart have little parts called mitochondria that help them process food and oxygen into energy. But in DCM, the mitochondria stop working well, which makes the problem worse.

Scientists have found that a protein called Kdm8 is really important for making the mitochondria work well.

To test this idea, the scientists did some experiments on mice. They made some mice with very low levels of Kdm8. These mice were fine at first, but when they got older, they started to develop heart problems like DCM. The scientists found that the mitochondria in the mice were not working properly, and their hearts weren't pumping as well as they should.

But when they gave the mice NAD, it helped to restore the heart's ability to pump blood.

The NAD molecule helps the mitochondria work better and turn food and oxygen into energy more efficiently.

As we get older, our bodies don't work as well, and our hearts are no exception.

This study shows NAD is useful at keeping organs young, and further adds to the necessity of keeping healthy NAD levels. So how do we keep NAD levels healthy?

By taking NMN or APIGENIN.

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