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New Study - Spermidine

28 May 2023

Growing new blood vessels

New study released this week in Nature showed exciting new data about Spermidine!

As we get older, our bodies become more prone to heart disease, a horrible fact but a reality.

One of the reasons for this is that the ability of our blood vessels to grow and form new connections decreases with age. However, there is a natural substance called Spermidine that can help slow down the ageing process and keep us healthier for longer. 

Scientists have studied the effects of Spermidine on both cells grown in the lab and living organisms.In the lab, they found that older cells had lower levels of Spermidine inside them compared to younger cells.But when they added Spermidine to the older cells, it helped restore their ability to grow new blood vessels

This means that Spermidine can improve the ageing cells' capacity to move and form new blood vessels without stopping the aging process itself.They also tested Spermidine in mice by blocking blood flow to their legs temporarily. They found that older mice had a harder time recovering blood flow to their legs compared to younger mice. However, when the older mice were given Spermidine in their diet, it significantly improved their ability to grow new blood vessels and recover blood flow to their legs. 

These findings show that Spermidine has a positive effect on blood vessel growth and could be used as a treatment for heart disease.

So, Spermidine has the potential to help older people stay healthier and improve their blood flow.

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