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New Study - Hyaluronic Acid

30 Sept 2023

 Professor Gorbunova does it again!

Professor Gorbunova does it again


Brand new research from top scientists in Professor Vera Gorbunova's laboratory. 


Let's dive in.


The study was published late August 2023.


So, there's this special substance called "Hyaluronic Acid" that is found in our bodies.

 It's very important to our health.


Scientists have noticed that animals with a lot of this substance, especially one animal called the naked mole-rat, tend to be really resistant to getting sick, especially from cancer,

and they also live for a really long time.


Now, scientists wanted to see if they could make other animals healthier

and live longer by giving them more of this special substance.


So, they did an experiment with mice.

They took a gene from the naked mole-rat that helps make this special substance and put it into the mice, kind of like giving the mice a recipe for making more of this substance.


When the mice had this special gene, they started making more of the substance in their bodies,

just like the naked mole-rat does.


And guess what?

 These mice became much healthier!


They didn't get cancer as often, they lived longer, and they were generally in better shape.


This special substance made the mice's immune system (the system that fights off germs) work better, protected the body from damage, and even helped the digestive system stay strong.


So, the scientists learned that this special substance, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid,

can make animals healthier and live longer.


This confirms what we already know about HMW-HA, and why over 100,000 of you take it already with great results.

AND these results compound over time - excellent!

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