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New Study -
Brain Function

30 Jul 2022

Recent research into the brain reveals interesting theory to treat memory loss!

The study, published in Nature, states that infusing brain fluid from a young animal into an older animal improves the older animals memory.

Sounds very sci-fi, we know!

Before you go out and start harvesting your young relatives,

this is very early stage and a million miles away from any human treatment.

But what it does do, is shows us that these types of treatments may be available in the future.

For that, we are grateful for this study from Stanford University.

Rather than injecting our brains with fluid, it is far more likely that we will

develop interventions and pills that mimic it.

Exciting times to come.

Patients with Alzheimer's disease have very low levels of SIRT6.

For those wondering what they can do now, you may wish to consider SIRT6 Activator.

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