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Latest NMN Clinical Trial

20 Dec 2022

Yet another trial released in December 2022

Yet another trial has been completed this month in relation to the benefits of NMN...


Here is the new article by Springer. 

The study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, dose-dependent clinical trial. It includes 80 middle aged adults for a 60 day clinical trial.

The objectives were to test the effect of NMN on NAD levels, and reconfirm safety. Certain other tests were carried out too, like the walking test, to see how far participants could walk in a 6 minute window. 

Those taking NMN had significantly better scores than those who were not, which is in line with what we would imagine due to NMN's effect on skeletal muscle.

Another interesting find was the reduction in blood biological age for those taking NMN. 

Participants taking NMN also reported better sleep.

The trial results showed that, as we know, NMN is very safe and well tolerated. 

So now onto the NAD level.

NAD levels taken from the blood showed a large increase in NAD levels for those taking NMN.The more NMN was consumed, the better the NAD level. 

Oh, and the NMN was just swallowed, as it should be. No crazy methods of ingesting. Just science.

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