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It's not the caffeine that is helping!

30 Sept 2022

The Super Polyphenol - Quercetin

A common misconception is that coffee's greatest benefits come from caffeine, but it's the Super Polyphenol - Quercetin.

Originally derived from plants, quercetin is a polyphenol known for reducing allergies and boosting your immune system. Science is telling us it can do so much more! What else can quercetin do? - Increase the effectiveness of resveratrol by 50% - Improve blood pressure - Suppress cancer cells - Improve brain function*

The research continues to grow and unveil new learnings about the enormous power of quercetin. Current studies include finding out how much more blood flow to the brain quercetin gives, how much quercetin improves metabolic health, the effect of quercetin on biological age, and many more.

We recommend 800mg a day. This is a little more than researchers take e.g. Dr David Sinclair, but those wanting to be cautious can take just 1 capsule a day to begin with, which would give 400mg of pure quercetin.

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