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Do you take CA-AKG?

31 Oct 2022

Who wants to not only live longer but healthier?

Alongside increasing your lifespan, CA-AKG could help to decrease the amount of time

spent suffering from age related diseases.

This would mean as well as living longer, you would live these years much healthier.

Supplementing with CA-AKG can help to reduce age related inflammation caused by senescent cells. 

Furthermore, it is used in the energy creating process in the body and can improve mitochondrial health.

David Sinclair said:

"Feeding 18-month old female mice AKG reduced hair greying, frailty & extended

median lifespan 10-16%".

A 2021 study in humans

showed an 8 year reversal in biological age when taking CA-AKG for around half a year.


It is vital for strong bones and reducing frailty.


So, all these benefits, but what about cost?

Ca-AKG comes in a 6 month container.

A capsule costs just over $1.

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