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Boosting NAD stops
hearing loss

7 Sept 2022

Yet more amazing benefits of taking NMN supplements!

Boosting NAD stops hearing loss

We have spoken about David Sinclair and his many studies on NAD precursors (NMN and NR).

From fertility to viruses to heart health, it they show amazing power.

This is what happens when you fix the upstream causes of ageing.

We saw the benefits of NMN a year or so ago when researchers from Guangzhou showed NMN helped hair cells inside the ear survive, meaning the ability to hear was retained.

Now we have a preprint study (this means it hasn't been certified by peer review yet) that looks like it may confirm the same thing...boosting NAD through supplementation prevents age related hearing loss.

Let's keep our hearing!

What about cancer?

Thankfully the myth is no longer common as people realised the reasons behind it.

A paper released very recently showed the power of NMN on natural killer cells (immune cells that fight cancer).

The paper identifies NMN supplementation as a strategy for the improvement of cancer fighting abilities of natural killer cells.

It concludes that NAD plays a key role in the state of immune cells and should be considered as a strategy with "the greatest anti-tumor potential".

Get the purest and most bioavailable form of NMN for your body today!

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