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Age Reversal - Donation

21 Sept 2023

DoNotAge step up again!

Ageing is our main focus!

But not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to age.

Those that follow our emails will know that the supplier of our quality products "DoNotAge" donate regularly to Nicklaus Childrens Hospital in Florida.

Children, usually terminally ill, are looked after with the best of care there.

Today's story is about Benedetta.

Benedetta is 16 years old, who was an endless source of energy and passion.

She loved going to the gym, where she trained diligently in Muay Thai.

Benedetta received devastating news in December 2022:

when she was diagnosed with brain cancer.

After the diagnosis, Benedetta underwent a courageous surgical procedure to remove a significant portion of the tumor.

But the battle is far from over, and she is currently undergoing cycles of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to defeat this invisible enemy.

The illness has posed extraordinary challenges to Benedetta's family.

They had to temporarily relocate near the hospital, leaving behind their home and daily life.

Additionally, Benedetta requires physical therapy and psychological support, and numerous incidental expenses have accumulated during this journey.

DoNotAge have donated $10,000 Euros to Benedetta.

The funds are being used to cover all these expenses.

They are providing Benedetta and her family with financial relief during this challenging time,

so they can fully focus on her healing and recovery.

None of this global work, whether charitable or research related, would be possible without you - so thank you for being so loyal to Age Reversal (NZ) and enabling this.

By purchasing our products, you have personally contributed to supporting Benedetta - Thank you!

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